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5 Must-Remember Details When Buying a CBD Product

One of the few topics that seemingly everyone can agree upon in 2021 is that CBD has improved the quality of a wide range of lives through a number of different benefits. Some people believe it has enhanced their sleep, other have reported CBD has been an asset in managing their anxiety, and there’s even been testimonials regarding the oils and lotions proving effective regarding muscle and joint tension. But while quality CBD products have had such praises vocally sung, it’s important to remember that not all items boasting those three magic letters are created equal. That in mind, here’s five must-remember details when purchasing a CBD product.

1) Where’s that CBD from? - While one of the major benefits of being a CBD enthusiast is the convenience of CBD’s federal legalization all over the world, that access comes with the need for vigilance about the journey that brought CBD to your product of choice. Not all points of origin regulate their CBD through the same rigorous regimen. Trustworthy brands will be very open regarding where their CBD comes from, such as Culture Wellness who proudly sources all their CBD from hemp grown in Colorado.

2) How’s that CBD acquired? - Now that CBD has become one of the hottest trends of 2021, consumers should be wary of brands trying to get in on the action without being explicit regarding their CBD extraction process. For all the possible benefits of CBD, the potential for companies new to the medium using potentially harmful chemicals for extraction could run the risk of diluting CBD’s benefits or even cause unwanted side-effects. Look for brands to be open about their CBD extraction process, such as Culture Wellness acquiring theirs using safe methods involving Carbon Dioxide.

3) Full-Spectrum CBD vs CBD Isolate? - The majority of CBD products you’ll find on store shelves or in online listings will be classified as either “CBD Isolate” or “Full-Spectrum CBD.” Unconventional as that terminology may seem at first, the difference is quite simple. CBD Isolate denotes products that have gone through a very intense process to derive just the CBD elements from the hemp, potentially allowing for a number of other chemicals in the end result’s ingredients. Opting for Full-Spectrum CBD takes not just the CBD but additional plant extracts including essential oils. Full-Spectrum CBD is a process that allows companies like Culture Wellness to create goods with not only the potential benefits of CBD, but classified as all natural, vegan-friendly, keto-friendly and kosher.

4) Hemp Extract Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil? - Here’s a case where one word can make a world of a difference regarding CBD products. Hemp Seed Oil, perhaps the more famous of the two due to its longevity in the marketplace, solely derives its CBD from pressing and processing hemp seeds. Hemp Extract Oil, the go-to for health-centric brands, take their CBD from the leaves, flowers, stems and stalks of the plant, allowing a wider range of beneficial nutrition in addition to the cannabinoids. This is what Hemp Extract Oil-using companies such as Culture Wellness are referring to when they promote their “entourage effect.”

5) Are there any Third Party Lab Results? - As anyone who lived through the numerous “miracle drug” fads of the 90s and 2000s will tell you, it’s easy to make unregulated boasts and hide the disclaimers in the fine print. For any claims you see an item touting “with CBD,” it’s worthwhile to double check and ensure that the institute backing the research doesn’t coincidentally share the name of the company itself. That’s why brands like Culture Wellness, who always third party test and post their results, are the reliable ones you should stick with. It’s the one situation where the third party always wins.

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