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How to Start Your CBD Journey

Hearing all corners of the media celebrating the potential benefits of CBD is quickly becoming inescapable. Some users have claimed it’s helped with their anxiety, other users have shared stories of feeling CBD helps with their muscle and joint pain, and others still proclaim that CBD has had a positive impact on their overall sleep. Given that CBD has potentially shown so many anecdotal benefits and is available in such a wide range of options, it can be almost intimidating for new users interested in trying CBD for the first time. Given that CBD is federally legal and available in all forms all across the United States, now is a better time than ever for the CBD-curious to begin their CBD journey. Here are the best ways for future-CBD enthusiasts to start.

While CBD’s palpable impact can vary greatly from person-to-person, no matter how one chooses to take that first sample of CBD it is universally considered best to start with a low dose. 

The CBD journey is a self-regulated one, and the best way to get to know one’s reaction to it is consistency in exact dosages. For that reason, soft gels and gummies having dependable clearly-marked standard dosages makes for the easiest to recommend entry-point. While there are a number of brands on the market to suit any taste or texture, for new users we recommend starting with Culture Wellness’ lines of gummies and soft gels as the all-natural ingredients and Full Spectrum-CBD (which contain plant extracts and essential oils) ensure the user is getting the full effect of CBD without any additional added chemicals. Culture Wellness’ line are also kosher, vegan and keto-friendly allowing them fit right in with any sort of diet.

For those eager to explore all the different mediums, it’s important to remember that the tremendous customization options for CBD intake is best experienced through a slow immersion. Starting with the consistent doses of soft gels and gummies is a great way to figure out the most beneficial amount, and from there are lotions, oils, vapes, and more ways to get an increasingly precise intake as well as target specific areas. These new methods should be ventured into with the same level of diligent attention and dutiful caution. Users have extolled the potential benefits CBD lotions, creams and balms have had on their muscle strains, joint pains and skin conditions - all situations that vary from person to person. Unless a user’s health specialist suggests otherwise, it’s best to start with the recommended dosages on the packaging and then - after some experienced use, keeping all adjustment as slight as possible until the desired level is reached. In addition to getting the most wanted results, this allows the user to understand how the different CBD doses and aesthetics makes them feel.


From there, if the user still wants to pinpoint a more precise addition of CBD into their lives, there’s options like oils which they can distribute and ingest in single milligram droplets. Culture Wellness has four different sizes available of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil - including a 3000mg extra strength option, so optimal CBD customization for the experienced user can be easily achieved. By starting with the easily self-regulated soft gel and gummy options, a prospective user can grow to enjoy the potential life-enhancing benefits from a wide array of CBD products. Again, everyone’s reactions will be as different as their personal preferences, but once the basics are understood the journey can be as fun and safe as it is fulfilling.

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