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New Study: 2021’s Most Popular Reasons For Using CBD

After a year unlike any other, we now find ourselves seemingly in the homestretch of a worldwide event that’s taken its toll on all of us. Although the past 12 months have affected us in many different ways, recent studies show a common go-to for coping with the difficulties and proceeding to live our best lives in 2021: CBD.

The most recent study, found in the National Library of Medicine and boasting affiliations with London’s University College’s Mental Health and Biomedical Research departments, covered a cross-section of 387 CBD enthusiasts to study their reasons for usage.

Published in the Journal of Cannabis Research, the 60% female study showed that the top three overlapping reasons for utilizing CBD were the self-diagnosed benefits in dealing with anxiety (42.6%), sleep problems (42.5%) and stress (37%). Additionally, the biggest takeaways from this study were how much (or rather, how little) CBD the users were taking and the overwhelming most popular method of consumption. Surprisingly, the number of users taking less than 50 mg daily came in it 54%. Even more surprising is a whopping 72.6% using the method of taking CBD under their tongue, for which we recommend using any of Culture Wellness’ Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tinctures.

Another point of interest in the study is the difference between likelihood of CBD usage reasoning between men and women. While men were more likely to use CBD specifically for post-workout muscle soreness or an overall “well-being,” women in the study were more likely to use CBD to assist with insomnia and anxiety. Among older users in both categories, they were more likely to use CBD to manage pain.

While the sample was from a 20 question survey with users predominantly in the UK, these results do match what we’ve heard anecdotally about the benefits of CBD from users of Culture Wellness’ many products from gummies to lip balms to roll-ons. As more studies are carried out alongside CBD’s increasing popularity, one can expect even more benefits to be discovered for users wanting to continue their year on the best foot possible.

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