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Sophisticated Relief: Why Your 2021 Needs CBD Bars

There’s never been a time when mental and physical well-being has been at the forefront of society quite like now. Between Americans re-evaluating what matters most in life and taking the steps to figure out how they most can enjoy it, Fortunately, among the most promising aspects of this new year is the positive impact that CBD is going to inevitably have on our quality of life.

Culture Wellness’ Culture Bars are at the absolute forefront of modern health. Easily dismissing the stigma of yesterday’s chemical-heavy health bars, Culture Bars boast exclusively all natural ingredients - plant proteins and 25mg of CBD. By using CBD instead of THC, the hemp-derived elements within the kosher and vegan-friendly Culture Bars can offer relief without the THC-related side effects of a “high.”

This federally legal Colorado-grown Cannabidiol already had a nearly 60% of its users as women, as well as that same number falling between 35 and 64-years-old.  Additionally, a study from High Yield Insights shows that CBD use has resulted in 50% of users scaling back on prescription meds and a 20% decrease in alcohol.

Culture Wellness’ Culture Bars continue the company’s mission to deliver high quality and consistently effective products for a better lifestyle.


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