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Why Gummies Are #1 Among CBD Users

Over the past year, a big reason for CBD’s upswing in popularity has been the numerous ways to consume them. For every prospective user there’s the perfect option from droplets to lotions. But one variant has emerged the clear leader in popularity: Gummies. Accessible, inviting and aesthetically pleasing, it is not surprising that the gummy format would be intriguing to the CBD-curious.


For one thing, the gummy format is probably the most familiar among all the ways CBD is available. The omnipresence of gummies in our culture makes the idea of trying a new type of gummy - one which some users claim have helped them with a variety of comforts, not seem daunting or foreign. Additionally, this also makes the consumption of CBD gummies a discreet act which would seem as commonplace as ingesting any sort of gummy. This simplicity also allows for the amount of CBD one ingests to be very easily regulated without the need for
precise measurements or additional equipment on the user’s part.

And coming soon - and adding to this user-friendly range of CBD products in the gummy realm - is Culture Wellness’ new full spectrum CBD gummy - Culture Cubes. While Culture Wellness’ current broad spectrum line of gummies, which boast 25mg of CBD per gummy as well as other federally legal cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, have become the CBD gummy-enthusiast’s preferred choice, Culture Cubes are made with full spectrum CBD extract. This gives Culture Cubes cannabinoids from the entire hemp plant, including THC which is absent from broad spectrum CBD products, as well as 10mg of CBD per gummy.

This addition of Culture Wellness’ Culture Cubes to the CBD gummies market just shows how the word-of-mouth benefits of CBD use continues to hit the sweet spot!

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