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Drawing on exceptional cultivation savoir-faire and innovative technology, every flavor is designed to evoke the enchanting experience of fantasy and...


Delta 8 vape

Drawing on exceptional cultivation savoir-faire and innovative technology, every flavor is designed to evoke the enchanting experience of fantasy and exploration, invigorating your senses and transporting you to a golden state of mind.


Strain: Indica

Effects: Euphoric, Relaxing

Flavor: Sweet, Herbal, Earthy  

It is a Indica strain with a euphoric and relaxing vibe but without intense cerebral effects to stay productive. The terpene profile is a crowd favorite with sweet, herbal and earthy undertones.

Cherry Blossom

Strain: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Effects: Alert, Relaxing   

Flavor: Sweet, Cherry, Pepper Spice

Cherry Blossom is known for its unique combination of mental acuity and relaxation. The profile has notes of sweet fruit, wood and pepper spice.


Strain: Sativa

Effects: Happy, Alert, Lively     

Flavor: Floral, Fresh, Woodsy

The demand for new varieties never dies, and our Lily terpene blend delivers. Its profile features strong notes commonly described as floral, fresh and woodsy. You’ll also notice hints of orange and ginger, which adds the nuances of impact strength and depth of aroma.

Sun-Kissed Daisy

Strain: Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Effects: Euphoric, Sedating

Flavor: Melon, Strawberry, Lemon

Don’t be fooled by its name, Sun-Kissed Daisy is known for its euphoric and sedating effects. The profile smells as good as it tastes with sweet notes of melon, strawberry, and lemon.


Strain: Indica

Effects: Relaxing, Sedating, Happy

Flavor: Floral, Sweet, Earthy

It is a remarkable Indica-dominant strain known for its relaxing, sedating and happy effects. The terpene profile has a recognizable floral smell and taste that's sweet and earthy.

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Unique Floral Flavor

When the fragrance of flowers and the burst of Delta 8 complement each other, you’ll  definitely love the sweet, floral, and earthy flavors that Eden offers. Giving your vape  sessions an euphoric aroma that brings peace and satisfaction.

Leak-Resistant Technology

The container of Eden has a tightly sealed juice reservoir to prevent any leaks, and it also has a powerful battery to ensure that it will last as long as it should.

Fast Charging 

1A Type-C quick charging, fully charged in less than 60 mins, Eden allows you to be on the go for nearly 2 days without recharging.

Ergonomic Mouthpiece

Flat & Raised mouthpieces makes the  inhalation smooth & effortless.

Compact Size

As small as a lipstick, easy to carry as its lightweight, every package is also equipped with a silicone lanyard to free your hands, now leave your Eden sling with the lanyard.

Transparent Cartridge Design

With the 360-degree transparent cartridge,  it's more convenient and intuitive for you to see the level of liquid consumption.

Must-have Colors Collection

Vivid colors can always brighten up your mood, choose one to express yourself - or collect all five. 

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