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Culture Wellness Announces Partnership with Global Top Three Disposable Vape Company


Contact: Sam Gagliardi



Culture Wellness Announces Partnership with Global Top Three Disposable Vape Company

The collaboration names Culture Wellness as the official oil provider for Heartland Works, LLC's Dream 8 brand of Delta-8 vape pens

Boca Raton, FL (Feb. 15th, 2022) Culture Wellness, an innovative wellness brand harnessing the power of CBD to improve people’s lives, has announced its partnership with global top three disposal vape giant Heartland Works, LLC. Through the partnership, Culture Wellness will provide ingredients, production support and additional resources for Heartland Works’ Dream 8 brand of Delta-8 vape pens. 

Culture Wellness’ line of products leverages the calming and anxiety-reducing powers of Delta-8. The name refers to the Delta-8 compound found naturally in cannabis, the less-potent cousin of Delta-9 THC. Legalized thanks to a 2018 hemp-centric farm bill, which specified the maximum amount of Delta-9 a hemp product can contain, that particular classification allows for Delta-8 to not fall under the same laws.

Heartland Works is the premier distribution channel in the US for the YouMe group, a research and development firm focused on the e-cigarette brands market and includes atomizing brand Suorin and top three disposable vape brand AIRBAR within its holdings. "Heartland" generally refers to "pioneers", and as its name suggests, Heartland Works strives to help its partners enter and expand into new markets by providing the highest quality products. 

Through its own innovation and the partnership with Heartland Works, the Culture Wellness team has harnessed the power of Delta 8 for use in Heartland Works' new line of vape pens, Dream 8. The Dream 8 is a fully organic series of vape pens using the purest distilled hemp products from Culture Wellness’ FDA registered USDA-certified partner hemp farm. With the Dream 8’s colorful, artistic packaging highlighting the brands’ connection to nature, The Culture Wellness team sees the Dream 8 as the next frontier of hemp acceptance in mainstream culture and a safe entry point for new Delta-8 users as well as a choice product for Delta-8 aficionados. 

The Dream 8 line aims to ramp up Delta-8's mainstream acceptance and celebrate its positive effects in improving lives through better sleep, pain reduction, and stress relief. Dream 8 currently features two premier lines, the Eden Line and Forest Line, each featuring elegant design with innovative technology to bring consumers the most tasteful vaping experience.

“We are thrilled with our new partnership with Heartland Works and Dream 8,” said Culture Wellness CEO Richard Moreland. “Combining their beautifully designed hardware with our best-in-class oil delivers on our collective promise to provide on the highest quality Delta-8 product in the marketplace.” 

“We couldn’t be more proud & excited of our US launch of our Dream 8 product line and, of course, of our new partnership with Culture Wellness.” says Leo Zhang, CEO of Heartland Works, LLC.

To learn more about a partnership with Culture Wellness, visit; email

About Culture Wellness

Culture Wellness’ established line of CBD and Delta-8 products, including gummies, topicals, and tinctures, deliver on the company’s mission to distribute high-quality and consistently effective products for a better lifestyle. We use only the best organic and non-GMO ingredients in everything we make. Our farm is 100% vertically integrated, having control over every aspect of the hemp and CBD supply chain. The farm to formulation approach allows a reduction in costs and streamlining processes to ensure product quality and consistency. All aspects from growing to the final product are lab-tested numerous times to ensure purity and potency.  

About Heartland Works, LLC

Heartland Works, LLC was born to manage the distribution channels in the United States for the YouMe Group. We offer brand support for Suorin, AIRBAR, and other E-Cigarette brands, plus our exclusive hemp-based products. Established in 2014, YouMe Group is an innovative R&D company focused on the e-cigarette brands market. YouMe group has a global footprint and is a leader in mainstream brand management. YouMe group includes international professional atomizing brand Suorin, global TOP 3 disposable vape brand AIRBAR, multi-category technology brand COOLPLAY, and more. Heartland Works provides our retailers with the highest quality products unmatched throughout the industry.  

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