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The last year has seen the dramatic rise of CBD both as a prominent fixture of pop culture and an ever-present topic among those looking to feel better. Boasting anecdotal testimonials claiming benefits toward everything from better sleep to pain relief and all stress-reducing points in between, the interest and acceptance of users from a wide spectrum of ages has proven to be a positive trend making a big difference in the lives of many. Now, in addition to CBD, an alternative is quickly becoming a new favorite among those seeking relief: Delta-8.

The name refers to the Delta-8 compound found naturally in cannabis, the less-potent cousin of Delta-9 THC. Legalized thanks to a 2018 hemp-centric farm bill, which specified the maximum amount of Delta-9 a hemp product can contain, that particular classification allows for Delta-8 to not fall under the same laws. Chemically speaking, the difference between Delta-8 and Delta-9 is the double bond, which is found on their eighth and ninth carbon respectfully. As a result, Delta-8 is less potent and debilitating to cognitive functions, as well as been found to be far less likely to trigger feelings of unease or paranoia when its euphoric elements set in.

That’s right, unlike CBD which contains no psychoactive elements, Delta-8 generates a legal palpable buzz. Thankfully, Delta-8 also happens to be particular easy to manage dosages, especially in the form of well-marked and measured gummies such as new 8 Blocks. 

Now that we’re sitting on the verge of a flood of products claiming Delta-8 ingredients hitting store shelves from a multitude of start-ups and pop-ups, 8 Blocks is uniquely transparent as to why they should earn your trust. 8 Blocks’ ingredients are all natural and grown in Colorado, registered and backed with third party lab test results. As we build the bridge back to normalcy, you’d find the most comfortable foundation is with 8 Blocks. 

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