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Dare to ..... Dream 8

Every night millions of Americans’ heads are hitting the pillow feeling the effects of another day in the back-to-back two most debilitating years in modern history. Whether it’s anxiety, stress, fear, uncertainty, exhaustion, trauma or any other number of elements chipping away at our well-being, new problems require new solutions. Fortunately, the medical and societal advances of the current era have seen the stars align for the release of what could most certainly alleviate these pressures: Dream8.

The increasing popularity of Delta 8 THC shows both a satisfaction with the product’s guilt-free calming head high as well as the potential for what further innovations could deliver. At the absolute forefront is Dream8 - a fully organic series of hemp vape lines offering a release that’s both elite and accessible.

Emphasizing the trademark strengths of Culture Wellness’ highly vetted all natural ingredients that have put their CBD and Delta 8 Products at the industry’s highest bar, the Dream8 vape pen lines touch upon all the time-tested familiar comforts of relaxation products with the purest distilled hemp elements, allowing for an unprecedented organic Delta 8 experience straight from Culture Wellness’ FDA registered USDA-certified partnered hemp farm.

Additionally, Dream8 carries the potential to be what finally shatters the few remaining stigmas and reservations the public may have surrounding this new generation of hemp products. The sleek and slim design of the vape pens themselves present both sophistication and convenient durability. Both the floral relaxation of the Eden lines and the adventure hemp of the Forest lines come in a distinctly contrasting but tastefully artistic packaging with Gaudí-esqe designs displaying an eye-catching visualization of Dream8’s natural ideals. The prospective future enthusiast is invited to both return to nature and nurture their relationship with modern scientific advances with each display of the product’s imagery.

Dream8 manages to be both the safe and comfortable entry-point for first time Delta 8 users as well as the go-to premium choice for longtime aficionados. Whether one is seeking relaxation, inspiration or meditation, Dream8 appeals to all audiences while maintaining its highest-in-class reputation and appeal. Visit to learn more. 

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