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The Perfect Gift For Anyone in 2021? CBD!

At this uniquely exhausting time in history, our loved ones have never been more in need of a perfect gift. As radically different as graduations, anniversaries, birthdays and even those “just thinking of you” moments are currently positioned, searching for that right gift brings with it an increasingly unique set of challenges. Thankfully, no matter how currently stressed or busy the recipient is, their ideal gift has never been more accessible: CBD.

As we all know, CBD is the federally legalized derivative of hemp whose ingestion may help relieve pain and stress without any mind or body-altering side effects. What we tend to forget is, when it comes to gift giving, CBD is always the perfect size and color.

Yes, the spectrum of CBD products allows for a level of customization from the consumer to fit any recipient’s desires and preferences perfectly. As potentially intimidating as the word “Cannabidiol” may read on the page, why not soften the introduction with the always accessible - and easily regulated,  “Gummie?” Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated multicolor sampler presented in a romantically wrapped rectangle box or prefer a nostalgic fruit snack-esqe incarnation reminiscent of those after-school treats from the carefree days of childhood, gummies are a chewable tasty access point to begin one’s CBD journey. The best gummy option may be Culture Wellness’ Hemp Extract Fruit Gummies. Boasting 100% natural plant-based ingredients, they’re kosher-friendly, keto-friendly, vegan and - further cementing them as the perfect present, look great in a gift bag too!

Now that the seasons are warming up - and getting dryer - the topical options for CBD consumption could potentially provide relaxation along with their familiar physical comfort. Culture Wellness’ Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Lotion, Salve Stick, Roll-On and Peppermint Lip Balm allow for a user-friendly external exploration of CBD’s potential benefits as well as direct targeting of certain pains and strains. Whether enjoyed at home or on the go with portable travel-sized options, there’s a topical CBD option for every lifestyle preference.

There’s also CBD options for that special person on the go who requires immediate gratification: Culture Wellness’ Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. Also available in an extra strength option, just a short time holding a few drops under the tongue quickly gets the CBD into the consumer’s system for potential relief faster than any other method. This option also works great for those interested in CBD oil for the potential sleep benefits as a drop or two before bed might improve the quality and duration of slumber.

While there are seemingly no end to the new stressors we’re facing each and every day, just as bountiful are the numerous ways CBD could add light to someone’s life. Between the gummies, oils, lotions, balms and brand new all natural Culture Wellness Culture Bars - because what better time than now for a treat - the full line of Culture Wellness’ CBD products has the perfect gift for anybody and everybody. 

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