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Which CBD is the Cream of the Crop? Here’s how to identify Classic CBD from the Copycats.

Any time there’s a newly successful effective entry the market place, a predictable floodgate opens ushering in everything from variants to knock-offs giving consumers the dual-edge sword of selection and potential deception. A proven premium product like CBD is no exception, but not all releases bearing those three letters spell the same results. Considering how quickly CBD is growing in popularity, it’s important to make a few distinctions to help determine which CBD is right for you.

There’s something freeing about how almost customizable CBD shopping can be. CBD can help fans of everything from lotions to capsules to gummies. The one common factor in the overwhelming majority of these products is that the CBD is extracted from hemp - but from there it is where the smart consumer has to become something of a detective determining the rest of the product’s journey.

Regardless what form or reason for taking CBD, the general consensus is wanting as pure of CBD as possible. Some brands have the CBD extracted from hemp that’s been grown with fertilizing chemicals potentially diluting their effectiveness or potentially adding element you don’t necessarily need or want in your body. A substantial number of CBD products contain these unnecessary additions, especially in their other ingredients. Presumably, this makes the most effective way to ingest CBD is through Culture Wellness’ Culture Bars. By using exclusively plant proteins, it not only makes for the healthiest way to get all the benefits of CBD but allows the bars to be kosher and vegan-friendly as well.

Culture Wellness’ Culture Bars also have the advantage of Broad Spectrum CBD - utilizing the purest form in CBD, what’s known as CBD isolate. Here, the CBD cannabinoids are extracted from the hemp and wholly isolated from the other cannabinoids and chemicals, effectively making them federally legal in all 50 states.

As more and more CBD products hit the market, it helps to be diligent in knowing exactly what you’re getting with each of them. In addition to the peace of mind of knowing what you’re putting into your body, these keen elements and distinctions ensure that you’ll be getting the most out of them no matter where you are. It’s as easy as C-B-D.

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