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Drawing on exceptional cultivation savoir-faire and innovative technology, every flavor is designed to evoke the enchanting experience of fantasy and...


Delta 8

Drawing on exceptional cultivation savoir-faire and innovative technology, every flavor is designed to evoke the enchanting experience of fantasy and exploration, invigorating your senses and transporting you to a golden state of mind.

Blue Dream

Strain: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoric, Happy

Flavor: Berry, Blueberry, Fruity, Herbal, Sweet, Vanilla

Blue Dream is a legendary, sativa-dominant hybrid from the West Coast that was created by crossing Blueberry and Haze. It is a relaxing, uplifting strain without heavy sedative effects. The Blue Dream terpene profile is famous for its sweet berry aroma and taste. 

Green Crack

Strain: Sativa

Effects: Energy, Focus, Creative, Uplifting 

Flavor: Citrus, Earth, Sweet

Green Crack is a popular sativa strain sought out for its invigorating effect. Because of its stimulating mental effects, it is an exceptional daytime strain to fight fatigue, stress and depression. Its profile delivers a citrusy, tangy and herbaceous flavor.

Strawberry Cough

Strain: Sativa  

Effects: Creative, Energizing, Euphoric, Happy

Flavor: Strawberry, Berry

A connoisseur’s strain, this intense and cerebral sativa captures the senses and transports you away to strawberry fields. Our Strawberry Cough terpene blend combines the smell of fresh strawberry candy and berry skunk.

Kush Mint

Strain: Hybrid

Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Uplifting

Flavor: Mint, Earthy

This hybrid strain is known for its peaceful and uplifting effect. The Mint terpene profile offers sweet, earthy, and mint undertones.

Black Cherry Punch

Strain: Sativa

Effects: Energy, Calming, Clarity

Flavor: Sweet, Butter, Spicy

This potent sativa strain is known to deliver uplifting boosts of energy and mental clarity with calming effects. The Black Chery Punch terpene profile is a sweet and spicy blend with a rich buttery aroma.


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A Tribute to the Nature

Strain-specific, plant-based Delta 8 vape infused with 100% hemp distillate for a distinctively full spectrum, true-to-the-plant-high. Each device contains 1000mg of Delta8 THC, making it easy to find your optimal state and enhance any and every experience.

Organically Delicious

Using the purest distillate blended strains with specific terpenes, the flavor profiles on FOREST are incredible, and it gives you an unbeatable uplifting feel that makes it hard to put your vape pen down.

Silk & Slim Design

Ultra-light and highly portable, superior stainless steel coating along with pen's shape gives it a prestigious look. And a choice of must-have colors will make FOREST your go-to device. Its compact size also provides a satisfying feel in your hand.

Auto-Draw Activation

Just take a draw to activate the airflow sensor to vape. Easy, and no worry of auto firing. It's never been so easy to get chill...

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